Show #1: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Are You Tuned In?

The question I pose in this first podcast is Are You Tuned In?

The Zen of Being Digital Podcast Show 1

I wanted to set the stage for the type of information and the format for this new podcast. I promise to not just start with a question and end with the same question to get your creative juices flowing but to also give you some concrete actionable items to do since many of us are charged with getting things done, aren’t we?

The actions for this podcast – in case it wasn’t clear – were:

1. tune in

2. breathe

I promise to be more clear in future ones!

Shout Out to my friend and fellow podcaster C.C. Chapman! You inspire me.

Music by royalty free music. The track is Delicate Dreams 1.

About Aliza

I'm a human being, wife, mother, author, and speaker. Online since 1987. Web pioneer (founded Cybergrrl/Webgrrls in 1995). Author of 12 books. Freelance writer.
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5 Responses to Show #1: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Are You Tuned In?

  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    First off congratulations on the new show. I’m looking forward to more of them and I’m glad you are giving the top of the mind approach a try.

    What was interesting was as you wrapped it up and asked if I was tuned in, I realized I wasn’t because I was multitasking while listening to you. Shame on me.

    Really looking forward to more. Glad we got to chat yesterday. It is something we need to do more often.

  2. Peter says:

    Hello. Good to find that you won’t give up, even though (typo?) QD will shut down SMTG/the digital marketer.

    Now: i’d like to subscribe to the neew podcast feed, i’d love a rss feed address…


    • Thank you for your interest in subscribing! I’m doing this all on my own so learning as I go along and need to get the feed going and need to get it into iTunes as well. Working on it!

  3. Nirit says:

    Hi Aliza,
    I was drawn into this podcast after my curiosity arose from your facebook introduction. What I find fascinating about you is your endless creativity and eagerness to experiment (*and share) new practices. I was absolutely tuned in and will be for the next podcasts as well!
    BTW Have you seen the e-mail I sent you last week (from A little shared heritage that I thought we might have in common..

  4. PWLLEM says:

    Thanks for what you do. Because of your first podcast here, and tweets we’ve shared my show is now on episode 15….and I have one more planned with a partner. Keep ’em comin!

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