Show #9: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Do more followers make you happy?

Book Cover Julien Smith’s blog post Follower Hyperinflation, I talk about the value of having a lot of Friends, Fans and Followers in the whole scheme of life.

Julien is co-author of Trust Agents with the soulful Chris Brogan.

Listen: Show #9: Zen of Being Digital Podcast: Do More Followers Make You Happy?

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My advice in this podcast is to:

1. stop looking at the numbers;

2. value the interactions;

3. contribute meaningfully.

Do more followers make you happy?

About Aliza

I'm a human being, wife, mother, author, and speaker. Online since 1987. Web pioneer (founded Cybergrrl/Webgrrls in 1995). Author of 12 books. Freelance writer.
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