the zen of being digital:finding peace in the spaces between

by Aliza Sherman

intro – the dual human
1 being digital – what it means to be digital
2 tech discovery – the seduction of new
3 tech adoption – discerning value
4 tech chaos – the gains and losses of connectivity
5 tech nature – living digital
6 tech habit – mindless usage
7 tech addiction – obsessions and compulsions
8 tech escape – substituting life
9 tech zen – emptying digital excess
10 being digital redux – mindful technology

1 Response to TOC

  1. Hi Aliza, I love your net casts, I listened to all your Quick and Dirty Tips stuff. I would like to listen to this new series you have but not everyone has iTunes, all I need is a link to paste into my Zune (yes I said Zune). Thanks

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